Byrnecut Group

The Byrnecut Group of companies has evolved over the past 30 years to provide diverse services to the mining industry and beyond.

Starting as an underground mining contractor, the group has taken its cues from the changing requirements of the industry to expand to offer specialised and tailored solutions to its clients.



Underground Contract Mining


Byrnecut Mining Pty Ltd was established in 1987 as a specialist underground mining contractor in Australia.
The company commenced its international operations in 1999, and as a result of this successful expansion, Byrnecut Offshore Pty Ltd was formed in 2006.


Shotcreting Business


With over 30 years in concrete spraying, Jetcrete Oz (formerly Jetcrete Australia) transformed into its modern entity in 1994. The company is a 100% owned subsidiary of Byrnecut Australia Pty Ltd.
The company is capable of providing a complete service for all stages of underground shotcreting, remote shaft lining, concrete manufacture, surface and underground civil infrastructure.

Consultancy Business

Mining Plus

Mining Plus applies a combination of technical expertise and practical experience to exploration and mining projects across the world, adopting an attitude of ‘getting it right the first time’.
Mining Plus prides itself on providing tailored services to meet clients’ expectations through the delivery of detailed, accurate and timely outcomes. With a proven track record in delivering innovative and practical solutions, Mining Plus’ goal is to ultimately deliver value to your project, whether by helping to define a corporate goal or maiden resource, providing a fit-for-purpose design, or helping you operate your mine.

Raise Drilling Business

Raising Australia

Raising Australia utilises Byrnecut’s market-leading safety systems and training programs to ensure maximum levels of safety are achieved while meeting production targets.
Raising Australia is a specialist raise-drilling company, 100 per cent owned by Byrnecut. It has a fleet of six raise drills and five Rhino 100HM slot machines used for the mechanised development of accurate vertical and sub-vertical raises ranging from 0.66m to 7.0m in diameter, and up to a length of 1,000m.
Raising Australia’s main objective is to work independently of its clients and be as self-sufficient as possible. To do this, each of its raise drills is equipped with its own integrated tool carrier, used to transport all the auxiliary equipment required to run the raise drills. Its Rhinos have been designed to be totally self-sufficient units with limited client assistance required.
Raising Australia has also developed rod racks for all its drill rods, which makes transporting them faster, safer and more efficient. This self-reliance means minimal impact on mine production and reduces the potential for costly additional charges for the client due to delays in the start-up of the raise-drilling machine.


Engineering Business

Murray Engineering

Murray Engineering is a world-class provider of mechanical and electrical goods and services to all areas of industry.
Its team has an extensive and diverse range of experience in the mechanical and electrical fields, and specialises in maintenance, refurbishment, construction and manufacture.

Manufacturing Business

SRO Group

SRO Group is a multi-disciplined organisation, specialising in the supply of electrical engineering solutions combined with mechanical engineering and fabrication services, with operations based in Australia and China.
SRO supplies the highest quality electrical products, value-add solutions and engineering services, plus onsite support and installation services – a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution for clients.

Project Engineering Business

Quattro Project Engineering

Quattro Project Engineering (QPE) provides turnkey solutions for the delivery of surface infrastructure and mining-related projects.
QPE ‘engineer’ all facets of project delivery, through stringent QA/QC controls on design, rigid frameworks for risk analysis and procurement, and pragmatic implementation of its proven project management and control systems through construction.



Indigenous Training Business


BOAB (Building Opportunities for Aboriginal Business) is mandated to increase Indigenous training and employment outcomes through commercial engagement.
It’s also a leader in the engagement of Indigenous people for a training and working career in the mining industry and support sectors.

Health and Safety


Health & Injury Prevention Business

Sano Health

Sano’s main aim is to improve people’s health and prevent injury through positive behavioural change. This is achieved by creating safer working environments using world-first biomechanical assessments of manual handling tasks, customised group and individual injury prevention programs, and ongoing health support and education.
Sano’s approach is to put the ‘health’ back into health and safety through the implementation of systems, technologies and people from the world of elite sport.